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Let us handle
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We support your foreign trading operations
with our import/export outsourcing service.

ABOUT About our company

Do you think that the foreign trade operations should only be handled within your company?
You can outsource your import/export operations to us.
Our company, which specializes in import and export operations, handles complicated foreign trade operations with a total flow.We, international trade pro will handle everything from hearings to business completion with a single point of contact.

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Outsourcing of Import/Export

Hiring people with the knowledge and experience to handle specialized position such as international trade, or training them from the biginning, requires a certain amount of time and cost.

It is possible to minimize the costs and time required for foreign trade operations by outsourcing to us, who are professionals in import/export.
Furthermore, when starting a new overseas business, it is better to outsource to specialists with knowledge and experience, allowing your employees to continue their core duties and focus on your company’s core business.

In addition, we will review the costs with comprehensive support for international transportation including small cargoes.
We will provide our best support to our clients by using the optimal transportation method.

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We provide outsourcing services for foreign trade operations such as import/export procedures, communicating with overseas vendor/buyer, and placing/receiving orders, etc.

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