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For Overseas Companies

For Overseas Companies

Don’t you need Alliance Partner in Japan?

We have clients not only in Japan, but also overseas and have been receiving variety of inquiries such as machinery, food, raw material, etc. from overseas companies since they are having difficulty in communicating with Japanese customers.

We will become your Alliance Partner in Japan

Have you ever thought you want to have your branch office in Japan? Don’t you have a communication problem with your Japanese customer? We can support dealing with your Japanese customer as an alliance partner company and there are many merits to have partnership with us

  • You can have a contact without having a branch office in Japan
  • You don’t need to hire Japanese speaker
  • You can have a smooth communication as we are in the middle
  • We can support Import into Japan
  • You can communicate with us mainly by email & phone and WeChat, Skype or WhatsApp if necessary
  • You can build more trust with you client in Japan

Having all of above merits, you can save your time and money!

And we will put your company information on our website as a partner company

If you are interested in partnership with L.U. International, please contact us for more details

We provide outsourcing services for foreign trade operations such as import/export procedures, communicating with overseas vendor/buyer, and placing/receiving orders, etc.

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